Our choices for Top Beard Trimmers

With such a vast array of beard trimming products available, in a range of price categories, finding the right beard trimmer can be an arduous task.
We have selected our Top 5 which come from a range of price categories. Above all its about what you get for your money.

1. [num1title]

Price: [num1price]
[num1imglink] Un-Boxing:

The first glance in the box shows the trimmer comes with a 6 position attachment guide, a charger, a beard comb, 3 moustache combs a stand and some cleaning oil. Everything you need apart from a carry pouch. Not essential but sometimes does prove useful. The unit itself is small and light which is great but does the cheap plastic first impression is not Probably wise not to drop or accidentally stand on any of the accessories.


Upon first use, the unit is a little on the loud side. Not ear drum shattering but a little louder than a much more expensive model. Shave wise, great. Does what it supposed to and being small and light makes it a breeze to use. Position 1 on the attachment guide will give you 2mm stubble. This increments in 2mm steps up to position 6 which leaves 12mm of beard length. All short beard / stubble bases covered. cuts well in all positions so a nice trimmer to use.
Use it once a week and the charge holds for a couple of months.


Great Value for money
Small and light
Good charge


Looks made from relatively cheap plastic.
Fiddley stand
No travel bag


2. [num2title]

Price: [num2price]

[num2img] Un-boxing:

Unboxing (or should I say un packaging) this items reveal the trimming unit, a Gillette razor blade, a stand, 3 trimming comb attachments, one AA battery and a simple instruction manual. The trimming unit has a quality feel about it as do the other accessories apart from the stand. It has a cheap flimsy feel and re-seating the attachment’s is fiddly to say the least.


Using the blade attachment on the trimming unit can feel a bit cumbersome due to the weight of the handle and does take a little getting used to. The trimming units though, works well to trim the stubble, Not a great option on beard length but if varying lengths of stubble are your thing, it’s a great tool. The unit is surprisingly powerful on the one AA battery and life is excellent.


Great Value for money
Small and light
Great travel companion


Fusion blade replacements are really quite expensive
only 3 length settings
Poor stand


3. [num3title]

Price: [num3price]

[num3img] Un-boxing:

Unboxing this trimmer reveals the trimmer itself, a nice little cleaning brush, a carry pouch, the 3 pin charger and of course all the instruction booklets.
A nice little trimmer, just the right sizr to comfartably fit in the hand. The flimsy beard gaurd, however doesn’t ooze quality but does the job. I think the same can be said for the trimmer as a whole, the build quality seems a little slack but you cannot argue with the shave.


Setting the trim length is straight forward with a nice firm lock at the required length. The length can be set from 0.5mm through to 10mm at 0.5 mm intervals so the range is great. Dismantling the unit is easy as well which is great for cleaning which can be accomplished by removing the head and running it under the tap.
The blades feel good across the skin. They are made from titanium and the manufacturer claims that they are self sharpening and never need oiling which is extremely useful.


Great range of lengths
Easily washable
Charges quickly
Great value for money


Detailing can be a little tricky
No Stand
Build quality looks a little suspect.


4. [num4title]

Price: [num4price]

[num4img] Un-boxing:

Opening the box reveals the trimmer, the charging stand, the adaptor , a cleaning brush and some oil. The build quality of the trimmer feels fantastic. Size is good and the trimmer has all the right curves in all the right places enabling it to sit comfortably in the hand. Charging stand looks great as it contains suction feet to support the base. Nice feature.


The height control is motorised with the selected length being displayed nicely on the LED screen. This screen also displays the remaining charging time, which incidentaly is quick. Again a waterproof trimmer which can be cleaned easily under the tap. As far as the trimmin experience goes, this trimmer is in a class of its own. It has a floating contouring head which feels great against the skin and hair removal seems effortless. A quick charge feature enables you to charge the unit for 10 mins just for 5 mins use. Again, nice feature.
Trimming length can be set from 0.4mm to 5mm.


Great quality
Rapid charging
Really confortable shave


A bit pricey, but well worth it.


5. [num5title]

Price: [num5price]

[num5img] Un-boxing:

Opening the box reveals the trimmer, a lovely little beard comb, the cleaning brush, chord for charging and of course all the documentation. A decent build quality on the unit itself. The unit has a dual sided trimmer which can be rotated to reveal a smaller head to be used for the more accurate trimming procedures.


This beast has 17 settings which should accommodate all required lengths of facial hair between 0.4mm and 10mm incrementing in 0.2mm steps. Thats an impressive range. There is an adjuster on the handle which is rotated to switch between the required lengths.
The shave is really comfortable and the trimmer handles the range of cuts with ease. Battery life is great and will last for up to 6 trims. With a trimming time of only 90 minutes, the chordless nature of the units works well.


Adjustable head for fine details
Rapid charging
fantastic range


No carry case is a pain
Comb adjustments are a little cumbersome.