Mens Beard Styles – Growing Your Beard

coolBeard We all know that a beard shows how manly you are. That you are full of testosterone, and when called upon, you can chop wood, not with a chainsaw, with a manly axe! With this is mind, one must remember the dedication required to grow your beard. It won’t just appear overnight. No doubt peers, or other halves will be somewhat derogatory during the more ‘can you spare any change’ phase but you will stand resolute. You have the vision and you are spurred on by the negativity.   fluffyBeard patchyBeard If you are a bearded noob, how do you know what style is best? Can you grow a full mountain bear beard? Will you look homeless? Who knows. Until you start your beard growing process, you don’t have the answers to any of these. Some styles may be completely out of the question because you have that one area that looks like a cats fur ball.   thickBeardjpg Our advice, grow and select. A patchy beard is not great so select the style required when you know where your patches are and design these out of the facial fluff. Along the way, itchiness plays a part. This is commonplace. There are, however, some great products on the market to alleviate this discomfort. Some are more reasonably priced than others but all should help on your quest for facial coverage. Finally, when selecting your beard design, consider your face shape and your hair style. These can dramatically affect your overall appearance. Click these links for some help and advice on facial type and Hair design when it comes to beard choice. Dont Bottle it on the beard!