Mens Beard Styles and Face Shape

Square Face:

SquareFace The idea with the square face is to reduce the ‘squareness’ and create a more slender illusion. To accomplish this, the facial hair style of choice would be a short, but all over beard. The designer beard or the short boxed beard would provide a leaner look to the face. The short box beard would have to be on the shorter side within the style limits.

Rectangle/Oblong face:

rectangleFace This face type is the opposite to the afore mentioned ‘square face’ meaning that it is naturally long and slender. To increase the facial ovality, and reduce the long slender appearance, recommended style of facial hair would be the designer beard or indeed just the stubble.

Round Face:

To increase ovality in a round face, the idea is to increase the masculinity of the features. To accomplish this, we would recommend the rap industry standard or indeed the full goatee. Sideburns should be avoided as these would overwhelm features.

Triangular Face:

triangularFace A pointed chin is indicative of the stereotypical triangular face. Therefore to overcome this and increase ovality, a fuller beard would be recommended which would disguise the pointed chin and triangular features.  

Diamond face:

diamonFace Stereotypically, a symptom of a diamond face is a prominent chin. Once again, full beards will soften the features and balance the face to reduce the effect of the prominent chin. Long sideburns also work well here to create the illusion of a more oval face rather than the diamond effect.