Mens beard styles of 2014

mensbeardstylesLets face it (pardon the pun), a beard improves the look of a man.  Fact.  All men are at it.  Celebrities are sporting differing beard styles left, right and centre.  Some beard styles are more pleasing to the eye than others, but, we are at beard peak and, dare I say it, any beard is better than no beard at all!As we look back to the victorians we visualise top hats and cloaks, future generations will look back at this era and think beard!  It is that important.  With that in mind, men have to select, groom and maintain their beard to high standards and the wrong selection can leave you looking, well, foolish.  Mens beard styles are far ranging and diverse. Lets take a look at the top beards for 2014.  

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Top mens beard styles of 2014

mens beard styes - full beard

1. The Full Beard:

At the moment, in the grand schema of mens beard styles,  the full beard style is extremely trendy and if you can pull it off, it’s a great look. Therein lies somewhat of a problem, though. Not everyone can pull this off. If you have patches of beard that look like they need a little fertiliser, forget it and move on. Every area of your face must be connected with whiskers and they must be dense. The beard must be well maintained. If you let it get too scruffy, you could get small change thrown at you in city centres. Trying to grow this style of beard may become a little itchy at certain phases. We recommend getting some good beard products like the [BillyJealousyKit] to help with irritation. Once established, try some [BeardOil] and take care of your new beard buddy.


2. The Full Goatee:

The full goatee (including the moustache) is another very manly beard style. The facial hair extends over the top lip and covers the chin. This must not be confused with the regular goatee which has no moustache area. This is considered to contain much more testosterone. With this beard style, you must keep the un-hairy areas clean shaven as a half goatee, half stubble combination looks, well, scruffy. Get yourself a decent [BeardTrimmer] before doing anything. [GoateeImg] Check out the [GoateeTxt].  Specifically designed for those people that simply will not settle for a mis-shapen goatee.  Using it makes you look a little like batman bad guy Bain but you cannot argue with the reviews!

mens beard styes - full beard

3. The Balbo:

This is the extended full goatee but the chin area is detached from the moustache. When it comes to mens beard styles, this one is up there. Italian air marshal Italo Balbo was famous for this style but now it has been popularised for the free world mainly because of the great work of Tony stark and Iron man. Not just a world saver, but a beard promoter as well. What a guy. This style portrays the wearer to be self-confident and full of elegance and style.

mens beard styes - full beard

4. The Short Boxed beard:

This style is similar to the full beard but must be trimmed much lower across the sides of the face. A perfect solution for those individuals that have less whisker density in the cheek area. Still portrays a manly look, but neater. Like, say, a man that would chop the wood in a forest, but then do the dishes. , a modern man. The neck should also be shaved with this style and kept well maintained using a good [BeardTrimmer] as this would detract from the clean image this style portrays.

mens beard styes - full beard

5. The Hollywoodian:

This style is similar to the boxed beard but should be detached from the side burns. The name ‘Hollywood, came from the golden era this beard had in Hollywood where it seemed that everyone was sporting this, even the women! The style went quiet for a while but it appears that it’s making somewhat of a comeback. Once again, use a decent [BeardTrimmer] to keep the clean shaven areas clean as this could easily become scruffy. Not one of our favourites,here at mens beard styles, but who are we to disagree with the general populous.

mens beard styes - full beard

6. The Designer Beard:

So much to thank George Michael for. Not just careless whisper, but the good old designer beard (or stubble) as it was known. Easy to start, just don’t shave for a couple of days. Keep the patchy areas clear and trim these down to create clean lines. This is extremely fashionable at the moment as it is not just for the bad boys. These styles can now be seen in the boardroom. Common practice is to shave down to the stubble using a [BeardTrimmer] and let it grow to the short boxed. This minimises time and maintenance and keeps a slightly changing appearance.  Due to the versatility and ease of maintenance, another favourite here at mens beard styles.


mens beard styes - full beard

7. The Rap industry standard:

Made popular in the mid-nineties by rap musicians, this style is standing the test of time. The thin moustache falls down the face and meets with the chin. It basically looks like the wearer has been using a car exhaust like a trumpet. Just kidding. Sometimes the chin area can be extended to meet at the hairline, extenuating the jaw line.      

mens beard styes - full beard

8. The Chin curtain:

Similar in style to the rap industry standard but with no moustache. A thin line from ear to ear like a strap as the name suggests. Lewis Hamilton sometimes sports this kind of beard (unless its residue left over from his crash helmet.) The hair must be kept short and the beard thin for this work. If not, this beard will slowly move into the beard sported by many jazz musicians. Not a bad look, but world away from the look you are trying to achieve.

mens beard styes - full beard

9. The Van Dyke:

This is a goatee, a soul patch and a moustache, all in one but none connected. Its very 17th century as it was made famous by Sir Anthony Van Dyke, a famous 17th century painter and not Dick van dyke, the chimney dancing cockney from Mary Poppins. The chin area must be kept pointy using some form of beard wax to achieve this look in all its glory. It’s a high maintenance beard so invest in a good [BeardTrimmer], but well worth it for the more cultured and distinguished look. Check out the [GoateeTxt] shown above for a little help with the styling.  We love Jonny Depp here at mens beard styles so if it’s good enough for him, it gets a thumbs up from us.

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